Choosing to function as an independent contractor does have its perks. The contractor gets to choose which projects to accept and has control over how much or little work is done at any given time. Along with this freedom, there is also the need to manage a number of tasks that are usually left in the hands of an employer. For anyone who is thinking of taking this route of self-employment, it pays to consider the merits associated with UK Contract Partners.

More than an Umbrella Company

Many contractors choose to enter into agreements with an ir35 umbrella company. This is because this arrangement aids in the process of securing projects without having to spend as much time seeking them out. While that is all well and good, it pays to understand that a contract partner can help with other essentials.

For example, chances are that the umbrella company does not provide as much support for taxes as the independent contractor would like. What would it be like to have access to a uk contractor tax calculator that makes it easier to track tax obligations and ensure that the payments are made in a timely manner? This approach will mean that there are no unpleasant surprises from the tax man when filing time comes around.


Along with projecting taxes owed, the partner also ensures the contractor stays on the right side of the tax man. This means there will be no need to worry if claiming a certain deduction could cause problems down the road. The partner stays up to date on all tax laws and can ensure the calculations allow for any pending changes that will apply to the tax period. Thanks to this approach, it is much easier to focus on doing the job right and having the chance to be awarded another assignment by the client.

Support with Negotiations

Many projects involve negotiating the terms in advance. Depending on the outcome of those talks, the income the contractor ultimately earns could be more, or it could be less. What if the contract partner could bring some expert help with those negotiations to the table? This would improve the odds of commanding better compensation and, ultimately, earning more money from each project.


The bottom line is that choosing to work with a contract partner is something to consider carefully. Take the time to talk with a partner and see what sort of deal can be worked out. Depending on the level of support and the resources the partner can provide, the contractor will have a much better chance of securing clients and earning enough money to be a success.